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    Lisa Alexander
    Lost 50 lbs
    Lisa Alexander (32)
    Marquette, MI

    Weight Loss Programs For Women

    Eat better & feel great!

    • Chef-prepared meals that taste great and target fat
    • Customized physician-designed weight loss program
    • Individualized weight loss support

    Get 25% off & Free Shipping on Your First Week

    We Cook the Food, You Lose the Weight

    You deserve a break. Let us take care of the hard work of meal planning, shopping, and cooking. All that's left for you is to enjoy delicious nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals delivered right to your door. Lose weight with an easy to follow plan that has helped tens of thousands of other women on their journey to wellness.

    Explore Our Menu

    From Our Kitchens To Your Table

    You are ready to lose weight and we are ready to help! Our team is passionate about helping real people achieve lasting weight loss results. We call this "life-transforming wellness"and good news - it's well within your reach! Our chefs enable your weight loss effort by preparing delicious restaurant quality meals that you will love to eat.


    We Plan arrow

    Enjoy customized, physician-designed weight loss programs. We take care of the recipes and nutrition. Relax, you deserve it!


    We Shop arrow

    We use only the highest-quality, natural ingredients. No more waiting in long lines at the grocery store.


    We Cook arrow

    Chef-prepared entrees that taste great and target fat. Why cook when you can have world-class chefs do it for you?


    You Enjoy

    Spend your time doing things you want to do. We'll take care of delivery and support you along every step of your journey.

    Choose from hundreds of delicious meals

    Bagel Sandwich with Turkey Sausage and Cheddar
    Diabetic Menopause
    Bagel sandwich with turkey sausage and cheddar
    Chicken Breast Stuffed with Broccoli and Cheddar
    Gluten Free Diabetic Menopause Low Sodium
    Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and cheddar
    Chicken Cordon Bleu
    Gluten Free Diabetic Menopause Low Sodium
    Chicken cordon bleu
    Chicken Pad Thai
    Gluten Free Diabetic Menopause Low Sodium
    Chicken pad thai
    Dark Chocolate Chip Crepe with Pork Sausage
    Low Sodium
    Dark chocolate chip crepe with pork sausage
    Ham Potato Omelet
    Gluten Free Diabetic Menopause Low Sodium
    Ham potato egg scramble
    Jerk Spiced Chicken with Mango Chutney
    Gluten Free Diabetic Menopause Low Sodium
    Jerk Spiced Chicken with Mango Chutney
    Maroccan Beef Stew
    Gluten Free Diabetic Menopause Low Sodium
    Moroccan beef stew
    Steak and Onion Omelet
    Gluten Free Diabetic Menopause Low Sodium
    Steak and onion omelet
    Thai Peanut Chicken
    Gluten Free Diabetic Menopause Low Sodium
    Thai peanut chicken

    We are proud to offer multiple program options

    Designed For Women By a Woman

    Long-lasting Results

    Unlike fad diets that promise easy, extreme weight loss that often doesn't last, bistroMD's women's weight loss plans use our scientific approach to achieve healthy, long-term weight loss results.

    Corrected Metabolism

    Many women struggle to lose weight due to metabolic dysfunction, which makes it easy to gain weight but very difficult to lose it. Our program is proven to correct metabolic dysfunction and restore your ability to lose weight once and for all.

    Reduced Cravings

    Our registered dietitians build your menu each week to ensure that you're getting the proper balance of nutrients, including adequate lean protein to help regulate blood glucose and reduce cravings.

    Improved Overall Health & Wellness

    Our women's program uses food as medicine to restore your body's natural rhythm and can result in more than just weight loss results. We've seen women improve their cholesterol, blood pressure, energy, and even achieve better sleep through the overall wellness that our plans support.

    Meet the Creator of bistroMD

    Learn what inspired Dr. Cederquist to help other women achieve life-transforming wellness.

    Dr Cederquist Cooking

    Our Success

    "We are real women just like you and we did it!"

    Lisa's photo
    50 lb

    What Lisa Loves

    • Weekly Dish on Health Newsletter
    • Fitness tips from her Trainer
    • Webinars with the M.D.


    Lisa's Video

    I came from a family where food is love. We are of Scandinavian descent, so any special event requires a feast. My sister struggled with her weight but I could never relate to her frustration, until I started having children. Then, pre-packaged convenience foods made life so much easier...

    Lisa Alexander (32)
    Marquette, MI
    Lisette's photo
    32 lb

    What Lisette Loves

    • Free Registered Dietitian Support
    • Fitness tips from her Trainer
    • weekly Dish on Health Newsletter


    Lisette's video

    When I was chosen as a guest on The Doctors show I knew I would be getting a makeover, but I never thought I would receive such a remarkable transformation from the inside out. I have bistroMD to thank for that. I moved to Las Vegas from Chicago for a career opportunity...

    Lisette Davila (40)
    Henderson, NV
    Cindy's photo
    55 lb

    What Cindy Loves

    • Free Registered Dietitian support
    • Webinars with the M.D.
    • Fitness tips from her Trainer


    Cindy's video

    I had just given birth to my babies, and I was having difficulty losing the baby weight. For me, this was beyond frustrating, because I never really had any issues with my weight before.

    Feeling insecure was something unfamiliar to me...

    Cindy Chambers (39)
    Columbus, IN
    Mia's photo
    40 lb

    What Mia Loves

    • Webinars with the M.D.
    • Weekly Dish on Health Newsletter
    • Fitness tips from her Trainer


    Mia's video

    I never had weight problems until menopause. I suffer from a debilitating illness known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I've always been an avid traveler, and I particularly love Southern culture. Depressed about my weight and illness, I took advantage of southern hospitality, and basically...

    Mia Simone (47)
    San Francisco, CA

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