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    BistroMD's Scientific Approach to Weight Loss

    Learn more about bistroMD's life-transforming weight loss programs and why they work. Our science backed approach guarantees healthy, sustainable weight loss.

    Healthy Weight Loss

    with bistroMD
    icon showing waist being measured

    Healthy weight loss requires more than just cutting calories. Research shows that when you’re not consuming enough calories, your body will go into starvation mode causing your body to hold onto fat, negatively impacting your weight loss efforts. ¹

    icon showing flame to represent fat burning

    To keep you body in fat burning mode while also maintaining muscle mass, bistroMD's complete meal plans provide the calories you need and a specific balance of macronutrients to support weight loss.

    bistroMD Women’s Program

    3 meals + 2 snacks

    daily average

    bistroMD Men’s Program

    3 meals + 3 snacks

    daily average
    icon for healthy fats

    20-25% Fats

    of total caloric intake is from healthy fats to boost metabolism to help rid the body of unwanted excess body fat and control hunger.

    icon for carbs

    30-35% Carbs

    of total caloric intake is from complex carbohydrates to provide energy and regulate blood sugar.

    chart showing fat, carbs and protein percentages
    protein icon

    40-50% Protein

    of total caloric intake is from lean protein sources to maintain lean muscle while burning fat.

    Research shows that steady and consistent weight loss is more likely to be maintained for the long-term than quick, rapid results. Healthy weight loss results may vary.²

    The Science of a Healthy Lifestyle

    The most effective and scientific approach to weight loss is a lifestyle change consisting of 4 key components.³
    image of salmon, fruits and vegatables
    icon showing vegetables on cutting board

    Proper Diet

    of whole foods including:
    images showing healthy food groups, vegetables, fats, protein, grains, fruits
    icon showing hands supporting people

    Social Support

    Studies show that people with a strong support system from family, friends, and/or a support community are more likely to have weight loss success and maintain their weight loss. ⁴
    image of hands coming together showing support
    image of man and woman stretching for exercise
    icon showing figure exercising, stretching

    Moderate Exercise

    Aerobics, resistance training, and stretching improve overall health and wellness including blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, sleep, energy and mood.
    icon showing figure sleeping in bed

    Adequate Sleep

    Poor sleep not only plummets energy needed to maintain an active lifestyle, it also leads to unhealthy food choices as well as reduces the body’s ability to process insulin, the hormone crucial to energy storage and use which may lead to weight gain, diabetes, and other health problems.⁵
    image of woman asleep in bed

    With the convenience and support that bistroMD provides, you have more time to fit exercise into your routine and you can rest easy knowing that your meals are planned, prepped, and ready for you!

    Your bistroMD Program Includes

    icon of a doctor

    Proven Program

    Know that your scientific weight loss program was developed by a board-certified physician with over 20 years of experience helping real people achieve real results.

    icon of a helpful dietitian

    Dietitian Support

    Your program comes with unlimited access to our Registered Dietitians for one-on-one support to help you reach your personal goals.

    icon of a lock, showing members only access

    Social Community

    With exclusive access to the bistroMD members-only community, you get the support & encouragement you need whenever, wherever.

    icon of gears in a head, showing education

    Tools & Education

    Customization tools allow you to create a menu that you can stick to. The expert knowledge provided by bistroMD gives you the tools you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle long-term.

    Science versus Hype

    icon showing a head and brain

    The bistroMD Program

    Our scientific weight loss program is built on research and years of experience.

    • Focuses on overall health & wellness
    • Provides a sustainable approach
    • No foods are off limits
    icon showing and megaphone

    Fad Diets

    Not all weight loss programs are created equal. When it comes to choosing the right approach for you, be aware of these warnings signs that indicate a program is more hype than science:

    • Diet focuses on food restrictions
    • Focuses on a single food, supplement, or tea
    • Promises quick, rapid weight loss
    • Proof is not backed by research
    • Sounds too good to be true

    Additional Resources